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The original pictured design is now SOLD. ***Please note that any remakes of this design will vary from the original to suit whatever pieces are available at the time. It cannot be made identically again but can be custom made in a similar look. Please send us a message with any questions or for a more detailed description of the changes that need to be made. Any custom orders for this design will require a minimum of 8 weeks notice.
The first of it’s kind in the world using button techniques completely original to our studio. The Khaleesi design inspired by the epic love story in the Game of Thrones, carries hundreds of buttons arranged to mimic the intro to the series. In addition there are 3 dragons in the design as well as pendants hanging below with the famous lines ‘Moon of my life’ and ‘My sun and stars’. Scattered throughout are cotton husks rolled fabric flowers, metal pieces, metal spheres, platinum faux leather braid, and hanging scale chain. The base of the bouquet is finished with a deep platinum faux leather and braid.

This bouquet is not for the frail or weak. She has weight but that is why you have a husband…to carry it for you 🙂

Measures a 26cm across (10 inches)

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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 29 × 33 cm


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