In the age of Instagram, Google, and Pinterest, trying to pick a wedding flower design has never been easier and sticking to it has never been harder. Changing minds halfway through wedding plans is a real problem especially when wedding dates are 12 months or more in the future. The following are some traps brides fall into that can leave a bridal party looking mismatched and all over the place. 1.) The Budget Bomb "I am on a budget, so I am happy to do something nice for myself but want...

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Minimise the planning stress!
Hello Everyone! The good news is... you don't have to wait to order what you love! Over the last 2 years, we have noticed a surge in last minute ordering and requests for designs which have since sold out. While we will do everything we can to get you the flowers you want in time for your event, we just can't guarantee that each design will be available online for long periods of time as our stock levels and those of our suppliers are ever changing. So to prevent stress & disappoint...

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The Latest Features in our Webstore!
Customise your Bouquets Online & Pay over 3 Months! We know that every bride has different needs for their bridal package and this is why we have been working day and night to give you more and more options you can now alter ribbon colours, bouquet sizes, flower colours, bouquet accessories and even foliage types on a number of our products. More and more items are being added every day, with more options, so that all your flowers are more personalised to you. Weddings can drain the a...

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To all the lovely couples out there planning weddings up to April 2016 if you have a Custom Order Request please submit it through our 'Contact Us' Section on the website ASAP. We are currently securing stocks of flowers for all Early 2016 weddings before our Suppliers have there Christmas Break and don't want you to miss out on what you are after!  ...

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New Elegant Value Design Range
Wedding organization can be chaos at times, and we recognize the stress and pressures that are involved both in the planning and in the budgeting for the perfect day.  For this reason we have developed an affordable range of bridal flower classics that can suite a huge array of wedding colour schemes. This range is simple in it's design and in medium sizing adhering to the classic elegant notion of less is more. The new 'Elegant Value Design' range is located under the 'Bridal Bouquets' categ...

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Flowers for ever after custom fabric bouquet
Just some quick helpful information; *We are currently working on a number of bouquet packages that will suit various colour themes, so keep watch for our latest products as these are coming soon! Also remember we will happily add items to an order if you require something that is not on our website, just send us an email through the 'Contact Us' section on the Website! *To see some of our latest custom work you can also visit our Facebook page...

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Welcome to our brand new website! We hope you enjoy browsing through our products! Watch this space for the latest news, products and reviews. Happy surfing from the crew at Flowers For Ever After!...