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5 Common Flower Planning Errors that can Mash up your Floral Dreams

In the age of Instagram, Google, and Pinterest, trying to pick a wedding flower design has never been easier and sticking to it has never been harder. Changing minds halfway through wedding plans is a real problem especially when wedding dates are 12 months or more in the future.
The following are some traps brides fall into that can leave a bridal party looking mismatched and all over the place.

1.) The Budget Bomb

“I am on a budget, so I am happy to do something nice for myself but want to do something small and simple for my bridesmaids to keep costs down.”

While everyone agrees that it is your special day, remember you are the one paying for the photos of it. If you’re bridal party looks ordinary, they will only dress you down. Small bridesmaid bouquets can often leave your wedding actually looking budget.  To keep a good look but without blowing your limited funds, look at bouquet designs that are abstract leafy loose styles, and in the case of silk bridal flowers, stick to classic and traditional blooms such as roses, peonies, hydrangea, and lilies…these will fill a bouquet fast.  Designs that require a lot of smaller silk flowers will end up dearer, so work smart to keep within budget. Some budget friendly designs can be found here.

2.) Pinterest Puzzle Pics

“I have found a pic of a bouquet I like for myself, and a different pic of what I want for my girls.”

Very, very, very rarely do two photos from completely different weddings actually suit each other. The end result will look like you borrowed another couples bridal party for your photos. Research the styles you like (keeping in mind that most Instagram and Pinterest pics are heavily filtered and won’t be a realistic example of what those colours would actually look like) and have the bridesmaids dresses already sorted before beginning work on your silk bridal flowers. Ask us for recommendations on how to simplify/downsize/or reverse colour scheme your chosen bouquet style to suit your bridesmaids. Contact us via email, live chat or one of our contact forms here.

3.) For Sentiment Sake

“For my bouquet I want orange lilies, frangipani, and pink carnations because they were my grandmother’s favourite flowers. But can they please be made to look nice in my rustic native style wedding.”

Adding an element in your bouquet that represents people you love is a beautiful way to keep them close to your thoughts on your special day. Framed mini pictures on handles are lovely, as are a favourite bloom in the bouquets. However all lovely ideas must be in moderation. Not all flowers and colours work well together, and not all flowers work in every wedding theme correctly. Keep your sentimental elements simple and few. Not all flowers are available in all colours when looking at silk blooms, so speak with us about the best way to include your loved ones memory in your silk wedding bouquets.

4.) Blushing Bride’s in Blush ( & Champagne ) 

“My dress is not ivory, it is more like a blushy colour”

Tinted colour Bridal gowns are very popular at the moment and can look amazing against many skin tones.  The colours are romantic with antique undertones in their shading. To keep the flow in your bridal party, your bridesmaids should also be wearing warm or antique shades/colours.  This way your wedding flowers too can play on the warmth and bring out the undertones of your gown.

If you fall into the category of having bright or cool colour bridesmaid gowns, your floral posies will become very important as they will be the only element keeping your bridal party visually together.  Foliage is your friend in this situation, as it will stop the clashing floral colours from being in direct contact with each other.

5.)  Mixed Suppliers & Family Friends

“A friend of the family is making my bouquet in fresh, can you do everything else to match in artificial flowers?”

Family and friends come with the best intentions and offering to make part of a weddings flowers seem like a lovely gift initially, but often leads to a large headache for the couple.  The simple fact is that two separate artists cannot make a properly flowing floral bridal package, especially when using different materials or different quality silk flowers.  Often we see brides trying to mix fresh with silk, or trying to include artificial flowers bought directly from China or gifted by family/friends into their package, asking us to perform the miracle of making it work together. Miracles are harder to perform than you think! Our advice is simple…pick one supplier/artist and stick to it. Don’t mix and match because it won’t end well and you may very well end up rushing last minute to find new flowers from scratch.

Trying to keep things matching right through your whole wedding flower package can be daunting especially when buying online, but it is for this reason that we have created Package Listings that have our recommendations of what goes together for all of our online bridal bouquet designs. The details are important in keeping the flow and some of the questions you should consider when selecting individual pieces online include the following…

  • Are the leaves in the boutonnieres the same colour as in the bouquets?
  • Does the ribboning all match?
  • Do the bridesmaids match/suit the bridal bouquet?
  • Are the types of flowers in the bridesmaids bouquet relevant to the ones in the bridal bouquet?
  • Do your flowers suit the location of your wedding?

We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding keeping the flow in your silk bridal flowers.  We have extensive knowledge and experience regarding the best way to tie all of the details up, and are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you.  Send us a message with any questions you may have.  Happy Planning!!